GM Rep: The Dragon Volume One av Gawain Jones


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Sjakkbok: GM Rep: The Dragon Volume One av Gawain Jones

Sider: 320
Format: Heftet
Språk: Engelsk
Utgitt: 2015

Forlagets beskrivelse av boken:

The Dragon is one of the most thrilling chess openings and a favourite of attacking players. But can this sharp and provocative system still be played in the modern era? GM Gawain Jones says “Yes!”

In this two-volume work, the world’s strongest Dragon specialist guides you through the Black repertoire he has played successfully against world-class opposition. Drawing on his deep understanding as a lifelong Dragon exponent, Jones explains the key concepts and supports his recommendations with cutting-edge analysis.

This volume deals with the 9.Bc4 and 9.g4 variations of the Yugoslav Attack.

GM Gawain Jones has been a member of the English Olympiad team since 2008. He was Commonwealth Champion in 2011, British Champion in 2012, and has a peak rating (so far!) of 2671.

Omtale av boken:

"Jones explains all this and more in a clear and easy to read style that makes the long theoretical lines less intimidating. Concrete analysis gets a decided preference, but there is still plenty of explanatory prose to guide the reader....

This book is highly recommended for all who play the Dragon or who are thinking of taking it up."

IM John Donaldson

"There is a useful 20-page section on typical Dragon themes in Volume 1, and Jones is careful to point out standard motifs as they arise in his analysis. His notes are surprisingly verbose given how much ground he has to cover.

These two volumes provide a thorough and tested repertoire for the hardcore Dragoneer."

John Hartmann, Chess Life

"The Dragon 1 and The Dragon 2 provide the most comprehensive and up-to date treatment of the Yugoslav Attack in the Sicilian Dragon... Both volumes are worthy representatives of the Grandmaster Repertoire series."

Uwe Bekemann