Chess Gems: 1000 Combinations You Should Know


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Sjakkbok: Chess Gems: 1000 Combinations You Should Know av Igor Sukhin og Vladimir Kramnik

Sider: 335
Format: Heftet
Språk: Engelsk
Utgitt: 2007

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Combinations have long been considered the most creative aspect of chess. From the vast sea of chess games a thousand combinations have been chosen: the most artistic, elegant, and famous. Yet chess tactics are not only for aesthetic enjoyment : they help win games.This book will expand your chess horizons and help you to* See how chess combinations have evolved over the last 1,000 years* Learn to recognize tactical patterns from real-life examples* Improve your chances of finishing off your opponent with a tactical blow* Find combinations missed by GrandmastersChess Gems is certain to sharpen your knowledge of both tactics and chess history.